Fletcher is a writer and graduate student from Rhode Island. Inquiries can be directed here: fletcher.bonin@gmail.com


Vulture  – Rebel Satori Press, forthcoming 2022

Literary Scholarship

The Harpooners’ Dichotomous Nature in Melville’s Moby-Dick, or, The WhaleLiterary Imagination Vol. 22, no. 3

Short Stories 

“A Dukedom Large Enough” – The Lindenwood Review (Vol.11)

“He, In The Desert” – Mobius Magazine volume 31, no. 2

Satire (Pretentious Humor)

Carpe Diem and Other Things You Cannot Do – Points in Case

The Case for a Blackout Drunk President – Slackjaw

Dear Mr. Herman Melville, Your Mail-In Ballot Has Been Rejected – Jane Austen’s Wastebasket

I’m Sick of the Liberal Media Telling Me How to Think. That’s Why I Get All My News from the ‘Pets’ Section of Craigslist – Points in Case

The Ten People (and Objects) You’ll Date in Quarantine – Slackjaw

Fictional Schools’ Arbitrary and Baseless Plans for Fall Reopening – Points in Case

I Interviewed the Coronavirus On My Podcast, and He’d Prefer If You Called Him Cory – The Haven

Does This Fanny Pack Make My White Privilege Look Big? An Updated Travel Advisory for Hip Caucasians – The Haven

Yoga Poses for Relieving Back Pain and Fighting Voter Suppression – Medium

Enjoy Your ‘OnlyFans for Boomers’ Free Trial – Points in Case

A Review of the Crazy Man’s Subway Rant – The Haven

Amazing! ‘Friends’ Cast Reunites for ZOOM Table-Read of ‘Waiting for Godot’ – Medium

Vatican Walks Back Pope Francis’s Canonization of Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness – The Haven

Jabba the Hutt or President Donald Trump? – Medium


Sustaining Creativity in NYC – Portsmouth Abbey School Bulletin

A Year In Taiwan – Portsmouth Abbey School Bulletin

An Open Letter to the Friends Who Made Me Sit Up in the Front of the Car With Their Dads – Medium

Profile of Sarah Auer ’12 – Portsmouth Abbey School Bulletin

The Press’s Millennial – Medium

An Ode to the Local Cinema – Medium

Profile of Zack McCune ’06 – Portsmouth Abbey School Bulletin

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