Poetry: Meanwhile Humans

Animals have it so easy.

If you’re born a bear, that’s all you ever need to be.

No student loans no ex-girlfriends no resumes.

After a couple years you just become an adult bear.

No need for the almighty morning Cup of Joe because

all you have to do is be a bear today.


Meanwhile humans.


We have to feel bad about watching Netflix

when we should be making connections on LinkedIn

so we can get a job where tucked-in-shirts are encouraged

but not mandatory and talk to our coworkers about something

weird our boss said in that last email blast.


We have to establish credit

and look for an apartment that’s

close to downtown but not so close that it’ll

be loud when those drunk college kids return from the bars

on Wednesday nights when

we are trying to listen to podcasts in our

breakfast nook after catching up on episodes of

The Bachelorette that we Tevoed.


We have to distrust CNN because we

read an article on NPR.org about blah blah blah

and we have to hate Guy Fieri

and get excited about IPA’s we haven’t tried

and clearance rack hoodies from TJ Maxx.


Bears wake up each morning and look for

berries or honey or something and roar and

go back to bed in a cave.


Bears don’t even know who Guy Fieri is.

By Fletcher Bonin


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